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As we have stated, in the subtitle of our web site, we can provide you Business Jet , or so called Executive Jet, to serve your air travel needs, with most competitive business jet charter rates on the market!

Safety of your air travel and other services will be at highest level, even higher than commercial carrier can offer you, not mentioning that you will have additional benefits  as described in “Your Advantages”,  on this page!

Please don’t hesitate to contact Adriatic Airways and  inquire  for the charter flight. It will be our pleasure to provide you the best service which will suit your air travel needs in every way, for the very affordable value!

Why Business Jet?

Thousands of people, from all over the world, travel with business jet aircraft’s for pleasure, sport and business.

Entrepreneurs, sportsmen, entertainers, businessmen and celebrities find such aircraft essential to meet the demanding travel needs of their chosen professions.

Choosing a business  aircraft is a decision  based on your travel  requirements and your  time schedule.  Using a business aircraft  can be justified in terms  of saving both, time and  money!

We believe a business jet aircraft should have its own personality reflecting an intimate feel, have to be very comfortable and be fitted with the facilities that you would expect. Whilst each aircraft in our fleet is individual, they are all linked to the same attention to detail with very experienced staff who is dedicated to looking after you, and to delivering the highest level of personalized service.

Therefore we provide a range of Cessna Business Jets for you!

Your Advantages

Air travel with business jets offers many advantages:

  • highest flexibility in any sense
  • shortest possible connections
  • reduction of total traveling time
  • relaxed and undisturbed atmosphere on board
  • selection of own arrival and departure times
  • selection of suitable airport destination, independent from Airline-Networks
  • very short boarding time
  • increasing productivity en-route, if you are on business trip
  • reduction of hours away from home
  • selection of catering as per your wishes
  • high personal safety and discretion
  • possibility to make several stops before your final destination

In many instances, business aircraft is the best or only transportation option available.

Another young life saved

Danilo (9 years old) from Podgorica. Despite the severe weather, we have successfully transported Danilo to Belgrade.